Sonic World Chat (Powered by Digibase)---
Sonic World offers an IRC channel for all visitors to the site, regardless of wether or not you hold an account. New to IRC? Don't worry, it's simple enough to catch on without any effort.

Connecting with an IRC Client...
Channel: #sw

Connecting without an IRC Client / Connecting without knowing what the hell IRC is...
1. Go to in your favorite web browser.
2. Wait for the Java Applet to load, or, if you don't have a java-enabled browser, install it.
3. Change your nickname to whatever you want, preferably your SWMB name. You can do this in the input box located in the upper left corner of the applet.
4. Click the "Join" button located second from the far left on the top menu bar.
5. In the pop-up dialogue box, type #sw in the "Name" field.
6. Click OK.

That's're connected and able to chat with anyone else in the room.

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