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Sprite Archive :: Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic Advance 1 Sprites
98.3 KB - By Daniel Sidney
Sonic Advance 2 Sprites
157 KB - By Daniel Sidney
Sonic Advance 3 Sprites
228 KB - By Ren "Foxx" Ramos
Sonic Battle Sprites
185 KB - By Nate the Hedgehog
Sonic 1 Sprites
47.9 KB - By Bramdaman
Sonic 2 BETA Sprites
32.4 KB - By Rankles
Sonic 3 / Sonic & Knuckles Sprites
141 KB - By Marble Park
Sonic Spinball Sprites
52.9 KB - By Cecil Abberight
Sonic CD Sprites
19.0 KB - By Kekun
Sonic Arcade Sprites
67.2 KB - By Principaldin / Ninja

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