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Old Cartoons :: Index
Sonic was the video game character to star in successful, regularly aired cartoons. Each one of his series had its ups and downs, some moreso than others, but all of them went on for at least two seasons of viewers to develop unique universes and stories that shaped their generations of fans.
Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Best described as wacky and entertaining from its terrible cheesiness, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog was the first of Sonic's TV shows. Featuring Sonic and Tails against Robotnik, it's regarded as being more closely based on the games than any other of the series. It's taken the title "AoStH" among fans who are too lazy to type it out. Some hate it, others can't get enough of it, but whatever kind of fan you are, AoStH is an important part of Sonic's roots.

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Sonic the Hedgehog
Better known as "SatAM" to the fans, this show has the largest continuing fan base of the old series. It closely followed the storyline set up by the Archie comics. Robotnik is no longer the wacky, evil-yet-loveable villian from AoStH but rather a dark, cold blooded dictator with no sign of of heart at all. This was a rapid departure from the games, which were only working on the Sonic & Knuckles saga at the time. As the most plot-heavy of all the Sonic toons, be prepared to start from the beginning if you want to get the full effect.
Sonic Underground
Just when the stories of the cartoons and the games couldn't come any farther apart, a show originating from France pits Sonic in the middle of a family affair trying to reunite his brother and sister with his parents. Tails wasn't even included, but Knuckles made a few appearances. His pet dinosaur sort of ruins the connection, though. Most fans don't care for this short-lived escapade, but we can't forget it happened.
Sonic the Movie
Forget everything from the three cartoons above. This one was made with direct input from Sonic Team. Originally two seperate, 30-minute episodes, Sonic the Movie (or "Sonic OVA" / "Sonic Anime" among its many names) takes Sonic and Tails on an adventure to the Land of Darkness where they fight Metal Robotnik to save Planet Freedom. Wait, what? There's no point in explaining here. We've got tons of high-quality screenshots and an in-depth analysis of every minute in the movie, so what are you waiting for?

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