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Q4 2006
Q4 2006
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Sonic the Hedgehog shares the name of the game that started it all in Sega's efforts to emphasize that the game is supposed to be a rebirth of the series into the new generation. Whether or not it will live up to that expectation is yet to be seen, but new information is slowly coming out on a daily basis.

In Sonic the Hedgehog, Dr. Eggman kidnaps Princess Elise in attempt to take her Chaos Emerald. Sonic jumps into action to rescue the damsel in distress, but it's not that easy. A new mysterious hedgehog sees Sonic as a danger in belief that he is the "Iblis Trigger" and attempts to stop his progress. Shadow somehow works his way into the picture, and the rest of the Sonic game will make appearences throughout the story.

Here's what we know, in a super-duper bulleted format until Sega gives us something more solid:
  • There are at least three playable characters: Sonic, Shadow, and a new white hedgehog named "Silver."
  • Eggman is the primary villian.
  • Some of Shadow's stages will have vehicular combat segments, akin to Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • All of the characters have been remodeled to make them look taller. Supposedly this makes them fit in with the new world.
  • The game will take place in "the human world," presumably Earth.
  • This game will mark the return of the Adventure Field system from the original Sonic Adventure.
  • Levels will take place in "action stages," which have been described as 3D worlds on a loose rail system that emphasize speed over anything else.
  • "Iblis" is a name for the devil in Islam. (Thanks, Sonic News)
  • Sonic Team is heavily considering online gameplay, but regardless, the game will have achievement points on Xbox Live.
  • The game will feature a four player versus mode in addition to a two player co-op story mode.
  • Although not yet officially announced, this game will be available for the PC according to a pamphlet handed around at E3.
Theme Song
Sonic the Hedgehog's theme song was initially released on Sega of Japan's official site, but then it was pulled shortly after. We obtained a copy from the site (download link below) before it came down and attempted to decipher the lyrics:
In His World - Main Theme of "Sonic the Hedgehog" by Zebrahead
C'mon and light the fuse - he's a rocket and he's ready to go
'cause now the coundown has started and he's ready to roll!
He's got the dope sounds pumpin' in his stereo
kickin' ass fast, puttin' on a show!

You'll wanna get yourself together, there's no time to rest
and if you put the time in, he'll put you to the test!
He's like a running man, in his world, war is less,
and if you wanna test him, best bring your best!
Don't make me spell it out - bring your best!

In this world (his world!)
where life is strong,
in this world (his world!)
life's an open book!
In this world (his world!)
where compromise does not exist,
In his world, the world's every step meets the rest!

In this world (his world!)
where one is all,
In this world (his world!)
never fear the fall!
In this world (his world!)
where compromise does not exist,
In his world, the world's every step meets the rest!

(His world...)
The only way to break free is to break the mold!
You can't stop now, rock and roll!
I said you can't stop now, rock and roll!
Don't stop now, come on and rock and roll!
Click here to download the song. (Mp3 format, 1.84 MB)
1. Naoto Ohshima (who helped create Sonic) is involved with the game.
Status: Almost assuredly False. As far as we can tell, this rumor resulted from confusing wording in Gamespot's original report: "Presiding over the game's development will be none other than Yuji Naka, who, along with character designer Naoto Ohshima, created the original Sonic game for the Sega Genesis in 1991." Some people misread this, and thought that Ohshima was involved with the game. We're not saying that he isn't involved, but there's no evidence of it.
2. This game is going to be a reboot of the Sonic franchise.
Status: Unknown, but likely false. Yuji Naka has said that the Next-Gen Sonic be a "rebirth of Sonic". We don't know if he's speaking metaphorically about the graphics and physics engine or if he's saying that this is a literal reboot of the series.
3. Shadow will have carry guns once again.
Status: True. A writer for Electronic Gaming Monthly commented on the inclusion of guns in EGM's September 2006 issue.
4. This game will be rated T for "Teen" in the United States.
Status: Unknown. The ESRB has not yet announced a rating for the game.
5. This game will feature Blaze the Cat, as she is connected to Silver through the Sol Emeralds.
Status: Unknown. A previously reliable source from Sega leaked this information, but we don't know for sure until the game hits the shelves.
6. The game's plot involves an intricate twist of fate between Sonic and Silver ultimately resulting in Knuckles' death.
Status: False. This is a rumor that flared up on message boards all over the place causing mass panic for no reason at all. Entirely false.

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